Almost unlimited possibilities for a networked home. ABB’s versatile solutions for intelligent home control offer the right solution for every requirement. Blinds, lighting, heating, air-conditioning, media and door communication can be controlled with ease – whether on the move or at home. For a new dimension in living comfort, security and energy efficiency. Simply smarter when you live as you please.



Individually tailored solutions – customised to meet personal requirements and wishes.

A smarter
space for your
installation ideas


Consumer units UK600

Thanks to their clever design, the UK600 series consumer units open up completely new possibilities for all installation tasks. A connection space that is up to 200 per cent larger than usual enables easy installation of devices while a separate area for media components covers all conceivable installation requirements quickly and effectively. Smart details such as the cable entry slider with integrated clamp mountings and the variable use in solid walls or drywall underline the high flexibility the consumer units have to offer.

Smart technology,
beautifully packaged

The UK600 offers
the right door for
every application.

UK600 design doors

A special highlight of the consumer units and media enclosures are the various door and frame designs which help you turn them into an attractive design feature in your home. You can insert your own pictures, pin boards, mirrors, magnetic boards, wooden or stainless-steel-look panels, or LED panels for backlight foils into the design frames.

Functional and

The development of the
Mistral 41W focused
on combining attractive
design with functionality.

Mistral 41W surface-mounted consumer unit

The Mistral 41W series offers practical surface-mounted consumer units for residential buildings that impress with their attractive design, high functionality and ease of installation. Thanks to both centralised installation of media and communication technology and structured cabling, all multimedia applications are visible at a glance.

  • Protection class IP41
  • N/PE quick-terminals
  • Door opening angle of 180 degrees
  • Multimedia version
  • Top, bottom and side alignment

A new website to
mark our anniversary

  • Optimised mobile use for
    smartphones and tablets
  • Very clear navigation
  • Selection guide for wall-mounting
    and floor-standing cabinets

Competent and future-oriented – ABB STRIEBEL & JOHN is turning 60! To mark its anniversary, the company will be presenting its new website with improved navigation, performance and clarity. There is already an important new feature on the start page – only three tabs now make navigation considerably easier. The entire website is highly user-friendly. Modern features such as filtered cabinet selection and links to the tender texts at save the users valuable time and speed up their work.


Your home
is becoming


ABB-free@home® is specially tailored to meet the needs of smart residential buildings and is excellently suited for both new construction and renovation projects. Blind, light, heating, air-conditioning or door communication can be easily controlled in line with your personal wishes. For example, to change the lighting mood, just tap on the tablet or smartphoneʼs touchscreen or use a simple voice command: blinds will move, lighting colours will change. You can use all functions individually or combine them with others. In other words, you determine the type and number of functions you want to intelligently control yourself. Plus, you have the option of adding desired additional functions at a later date. Simply smarter – for the life you desire.


Audio control

When paired with ABB-free@home®, the wireless Sonos Home Sound System can be directly controlled via a switch, a panel or the ABB-free@home® app.

  • Sonos speaker control via
    a switch on the wall
  • Simple set-up
  • Creation of Sonos groups via
    ABB-free@homeTouch is also possible

Todayʼs stereo
system integrated
into the home
control system.

music throughout
the house

Once linked with ABB-free@home®, the Sonos speakers can also be integrated into scenes. For example, you can create a “Good Morning” scene that links the kitchen and dining room speakers and plays your favourite radio station. In add­i­tion to panel control, the Sonos Home Sound System can now also be operated via built-in switches on the wall. They are available for the switch ranges carat®, solo®, Busch-axcent®, pure stainless steel, future® linear and Busch-balance® SI.

2-way rocker left with
“Play/Pause” symbol/
2-way rocker right with
volume icon

Voice control with
Amazon Alexa and

ABB-free@home® can be controlled via voice command using Amazon Alexa.

  • Manage complete scenarios as well as light, temperature and blinds
  • Convenient voice control without needing to lift a finger
  • Registration in the myBuildings Portal portal is required

“Alexa, good morning!”
A sentence that triggers the
following scene:

  • The blinds in the
    bathroom roll up
  • The lights come on
    and are dimmed to
    a predefined value
  • The heating comes on

Geofencing for unlimited comfort

Geofencing makes location-dependent home automation possible. As soon as residents approach a personally defined virtual boundary, their smartphone communicates their position to the home automation system. This in turn causes preselected functions such as light scenes, music or blinds to be called up automa­t­ically. Integrated in the ABB-free@home® system, geofencing makes home automation even more efficient and comfortable. One especially practical feature is that the function can be used by several people at the same time. In order to use this service, you will need to register with myBuildings Portal.

  • Enables location-dependent
    house control
  • Efficiently control functions
    with preset commands as required
  • Accessible for several users at
    the same time

Convenient charging
and networking


Busch-powerDock removes the hassle of searching for the charging cable. Built into a flush-mounted box, the charging station for your mobile device is always located in a fixed place. Particularly practical: the Quick Charge® function enables fast charging. The station is suitable for modern uniform smartphone charging interfaces, such as for iPods and iPhones with a lightning connection or a USB-C port.

  • Quick Charge®
  • Fixed loading bay
  • Can be combined with all
    Busch-Jaeger switch ranges

Dimmers for
all lamp types

REG, LED, 20–800 W

The REG-LED dimmer makes it easy to dim retrofit LEDs and control conventional light bulbs.

  • With wake-up function
  • Convenient dimming of LED lighting
  • Matched to retrofit LEDs
  • Harmonious and flicker-free
    dimming path


The need for security is growing and there is a great demand for networked, seamless systems that ensure a safe and secure home.

More security for
your home



ABB-secure@home helps you keep everything under control in your own four walls. The wireless system protects residential buildings and properties from burglary and theft, but also from sources of danger such as fire or water. It is easy to install, wonʼt damage walls or floors, and can be easily integrated into ABB-free@home®. In the event of an alarm, for example, the lights can be switched on and the blinds raised. More synergies – Smarter Home.

  • Connection to
  • “VdS Home” certification
  • Constant monitoring of
    communication and
    pos­sible interferences
  • Activation and deactivation
    of the alarm system via

Security is comfort

Security and convenience from a single source: ABB-secure@home can be easily integrated into the ABB-free@home® smart home system. This means that functions such as heating, blinds and lighting, windows opening, presence and smoke detection can all be centrally and intelligently controlled and connected via a single system. This means, for example, that once the alarm system is armed, the ABB-free@home® system can activate the “out-of-house” scene, to switch off all appliances and lower the temperature. For increased comfort and a feeling of security.



An additional benefit in
terms of convenience and
protection: your security
system and home control
system working hand
in hand.

Flexible freedom

The wireless system allows sensors and protective devices to be installed exactly where they are needed, ensuring max­imum security. Thanks to its wireless technology, the system is also suitable for renovation work, as no floors or walls will be damaged during installation. The heart of ABB-secure@home is its central unit, which can be easily integrated into ABB-free@home®. Thanks to this integration you can always keep an eye on your home, even when on the move: The system can be easily managed via smartphone or tablet through the ABB-free@home® app. ABB-secure@home is also available as a stand-alone system.

01 Remote control
02 Outdoor siren
03 ABB-free@homePanel
04 ABB-secure@home central unit
05 ABB-free@home® System Access Point
06 ABB-free@home® App

Control sensors as desired:
There are a variety of options,
ranging from the central
unit to the smartphone
and tablet app.

All-round protection both
indoors and out

Home and property security
– ABB-secure@home’s innovative
solutions offer comprehensive
monitoring both indoors and out.

01 The central unit is available with and without GSM connection. It communicates as a central control unit with all radio stations and also offers an interface to ABB-free@home® (colour variants: white/black).

02 Magnetic and rope-operated contacts, the opening of doors, windows, overhead and sliding doors and shutters.

03 Smoke detectors detect any smoke development at an early stage and trigger a loud alarm signal to draw attention to danger.

04 The passive infrared motion detector has a detection angle of 90° and a detection range of up to twelve meters.

available in
Europe (except
Germany, the
and Austria)

05 The water detector warns when there is a water leak in the house. The moment the sensor comes into contact with water, an alarm is triggered.

06 Infrared motion detectors for the outside area of your house are ideal for monitoring doors and windows.

07 From a height of 2.5 to 3 metres, the motion detector records all activities outside the house.

08 Sensor for monitoring the outdoor perimeter of the house (protection type: IP66).

09 Curtain detector for monitoring doors and windows.


A home that thinks for
itself and saves energy
whenever possible.

Intelligent storage
and use of solar energy



The REACT 2 storage system enables the efficient use of stored solar energy for residential buildings. Excess energy generated by the photovoltaic system during peak periods can be stored for later use. This means, for instance, that the stored electricity will also be available in times of increased energy demand. REACT 2 is compatible with the ABB-free@home® house control system, making it easy to use. You can also manage energy consumption on the go using an app for smartphones or tablets.

  • Intelligent distribution of energy
  • Individual control of individual
    devices in order to make the best
    possible use of power


Timeless design and modern
functionality create individual
living ideas.

Diversity comes
as standard


ABB extends its switch future® linear, solo®, Busch-axcent®, pure stainless steel and carat® seriesʼ with many additional functions for example the Busch-Service socket outlet with increased contact protection. The switch ranges are particularly suitable for design-oriented hotels, residential buildings, offices, hospitals and public buildings.

The switch seriesʼ future® linear, solo®, Busch-axcent®, pure stainless steel and carat® are continuing to evolve. The interplay of design, new colours and functions makes controlling your smart home even simp­ler, more elegant and versatile than ever before. For example, the port­folio is supplemented by rockers with symbols for bells, lights and plugs, labelling panels and sockets with child-proof locks. All programmes have the same breadth of range. New vari-ations of switches and functions can be seen on the right-hand side in the example of future® linear.

 One range,
many functions

Add new functions
and set aesthetic
accents. Switches for
every occasion and
every interior.

01 Rocker with symbol “Light”

02 Socket outlet with increased protection against accidental contact

03 Socket outlet with increased protection against accidental contact, without claw

04 Busch-Service socket outlet

05 Rocker with small transparent lens

06 Rocker with marking, with small transparent lens

07 Busch-Object socket outlet

08 SCHUKO® socket outlet with hinged lid, labelling field and LED control light

09 Rocker with labelling field and pilot lamp for uniform illumination of the labelling field

10 Rocker with labelling field and pilot lamp for uniform illumination of the labelling field with bell symbol

11 Socket outlet with hinged lid and lock

12 Hospital technology Ackermann and Zettler

Switches for the
whole world

Different countries, different installation standards – ABB has special switch ranges for countries where other standards and certifications are used, such as the UK and Italy. What all solutions have in common is a wide range of functions combined with modern design to meet individual

British standard


VDE standard


Italian standard


01 Millenium

02 Concept bs

03 Kalo

04 Uni-art

05 carat®

06 Busch-dynasty®

07 pure stainless steel

08 solo®

09 Busch-axcent®

10 future® linear

11 basic55®

12 Sky Niessen

13 Skymoon

14 Zenit

15 Impressivo

16 Swing®L

17 Mylos®

18 Zenit

19 Unno


The digital world has long since found its way into households. In the future, individual products and services will be linked even more closely together, providing greater flexibility and increased individuality.

Powerful digital
solutions all in
one portfolio


MyBuildings portal
powered by ABB AbilityTM

Controlling and planning smart buildings is now simpler than ever: ABB bundles its digital services for Smarter Home and Building in the MyBuildings Portal (formerly under the ABB Ability umbrella. The online portal gives you access to many of ABBʼs tools and services that you can use for your individual needs. You have the option to plan door entry system, KNX and ABB-free@home® systems as well as to extend system functionality with remote access or Amazon Alexa voice control. You can also connect your smart system to a mobile device.

Smarter Home
Developer Program

To enable customers to choose from an even greater variety of products in the future, ABB has created the “Smarter Home Developer Program” for develo­pers. The program combines ABBʼs core offering with solutions from external partners. This enables planners and electricians to equip smart residential buildings with a diverse range of components from different manufacturers and to operate them centrally using ABB products. ABB offers three different interfaces for networking: application programming (API), the Connectivity Hub and the software platform mozaiq.

  • Easy and quick integration of your
    products and services with the ABB
    product and service portfolio
  • Marketing visibility
  • Access to households with integrated
    smart home solutions
  • Opportunities to discuss joint
    offerings with ABB
  • Global reach using the smart home
    portfolio of the two brands
    Busch-Jaeger and ABB

Living is becoming
even smarter

ABBʼs cooperation with
renowned partners offers
extensive solutions and great
added value.


Connectivity Hub

Via the Connectivity Hub, developers can offer their own services and applications and in turn participate in other systems.


ABB-free@home® API

The API for ABB-free@home® allows manufacturers and service providers to integrate data from ABBʼs Smart Home system into their own program.



The mozaiq software platform links end devices with each other. This enables interoperability between cloud-based devices and services – independent of vendors.

With the “Smarter Home Developer Program”, ABB creates the optimal conditions for a wide variety of functions and systems to be combined and to be able to communicate with each other.