Prepare the buildings of today for the requirements of tomorrow. ABB integrates the intelligent control of temperature, lighting and air-conditioning as well as the monitoring of energy consumption into a complete solution portfolio. In modern buildings, everything can be networked and controlled as required – at any time and in any place. Increasing comfort, security and energy efficiency has never been easier. This is Smarter Building.


The building of the future recognises the needs of its users. It reacts individually – automatically and without being asked to do so.

by voice


Busch-VoiceControl® KNX

Busch-VoiceControl® KNX offers the unique possibility of controlling buildings completely by voice command with the digital speech assistants Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Whether switches, dimmers, blinds or thermostats, you decide which functions you wish to control with your voice.

  • Approved solution for three systems
  • Integration of lighting, heating and blind control systems
  • All three voice commands can be used simultaneously
  • Control up to 150 functions
  • HomeKit certification allows control of the KNX system from other HomeKit devices, such as the iPad, iPhone and Apple TV

Always the
perfect light

Light has an enormous influence on our well-being. Dimmed lighting in particular creates a pleasant atmosphere and efficiently and attractively accentuates the surroundings. It can be individually adapted to the time of day, the user and their preferences. In public buildings, where many lights are used at any time of day or night, LED dimmers also save energy costs by reducing the flow of current to the lamp.

DALI gateway with up to
2 x 64 DALI participants
per device, KNX

The KNX DALI Gateway is the link
between DALI lighting and KNX building

  • Highest flexibility through combined
    group and individual control
  • Combination of normal DALI lighting
    and DALI single-battery emergency light

Busch-rotary dimmer
Flush-mounted, LED,
2–400 W, conventional

The extra flat flush-mounted LED dimmer can be installed perfectly, even when space is limited.

  • Installation depth of less than 20 mm
  • With manually-adjustable operating mode:
    phase to/phase segmentt
  • With adjustable minimum/
    maximum brightness
  • Suitable for installation in
    wooden and hollow walls

REG, LED, 20–800 W,

The REG-LED dimmer makes it easy to dim retrofit LEDs as well as control conventional light bulbs.

  • Mixed operation with conventional lamps
  • Integrated dimming functions such as
    memory, snooze, wake-up, childrenʼs
    room, central off, cleaning light and
    time functions
  • For staircase lighting control systems
    with automatic switch-off and warning
    function in accordance with
    DIN 18015-2
  • Mit einstellbarer Minimal-/

LED dimmer 4 x 210 W/VA
and 6 x 210 W/VA, KNX

The multi-channel universal dimmer is suitable for convenient dimming of retrofit LEDs (LEDi), 230 V halogen lamps, energy-saving lamps, electronic transformers and conventional lighting via the KNX bus. It is particularly practical for larger buildings such as hotels and public buildings.

  • Dimming path harmonious
    and flicker-free
  • Available with four and one
    with six channels
  • Automatic load detection
    (can be deactivated)
  • Parallel connection of channels
    for load increase via wire bridges

that inspires

Automated and time-controlled heating, ventilation and shading processes ensure perfect working conditions at the workplace. Everyday applications are flexibly adapted to individual needs and will only be used when they are actually needed. Thanks to ­fully automated operations, you no longer have to worry about the details. Nevertheless, you always have full control over all functionalities. For greater energy efficiency, comfort and cost

Automated processes
save time and help
you to concentrate
on the essentials.

Time receiver
GPS TR/A 1.1

The GPS time receiver is used to receive the time and date, outdoor temperature and brightness and transmits this data to the KNX bus.

  • Always the current time, date
    and sun position in the KNX system
  • Control dependent on sun position,
    sunrise and sunset times

Air-quality sensor with RTC,
LGS/A 1.2

The sensor measures CO2 concentration, temperature and humidity in the room and transmits the measured
values to the KNX bus.

  • With integrated room
    temperature controller
  • Controls actuators for heating,
    cooling and ventilation
  • Air-quality sensor and
    controller in one device

Blind/roller shutter
actuator with binary
inputs JRA/S

The blind actuator with binary inputs has six changeover contacts for controlling blinds, shutters and window curtains and 12 binary inputs for connecting conventional buttons and switches.

  • Saves time by providing inputs
    and outputs in one device
  • Flexible – in addition to blinds
    and roller shutters, lighting can
    also be controlled


Intelligent technologies meet all security requirements for public buildings such as childcare facilities or small hotels.

Maximum security
that helps you relax


Fire alarm control panel

The fire alarm control panels are suitable for use in fire alarm systems for monitoring small to medium-sized buildings such as childcare facilities, retirement homes, hotels with up to 60 beds as well as offices and industrial buildings. The control panels correspond to the device standards DIN EN 54 Part 2 and Part 4, respectively.

  • The BZK4E has four to
    six detector groups
  • The BZK8E has eight to
    sixteen detector groups
  • Compliant with device stand­ards
    DIN EN 54 Part 2 and 4

Planning of fire alarm
systems made easy

ABB fire alarm systems

Correct planning of a fire alarm system is crucial to the early detection of fires. With the ABB configurator, fire alarm systems can be planned individually and free of charge. The online configurator offers the possibility of both quick and more detailed planning depending on the specific demands of users. Detailed planning is based upon individual floor plans including location of sirens, detectors, flash lights and the definition of detection groups. By connecting to the ABB MyBuildings portal powered by ABB Ability, the configured project is available and changeable at all times.

  • A unique and user-friendly
    configuration solution for the
    planning of fire alarm systems
    based on DIN VDE 0833-2
  • ABB products are easy to select
    and configure, saving customers
    a significant amount of time
  • A choice between detailed and
    quick planning

Your building
in safe hands

ABB safe&smart app

The safe&smart app allows you to keep an eye on whatʼs going on in the building at all times, even when youʼre on the move. The safe&smart system can be easily connected to a mobile device via the MyBuildings portal powered by
ABB Ability. As soon as the the system registers an alarm or malfunction, a warning message is sent directly to the smartphone allowing the user to react immediately.

  • Push notification
  • Simple and safe operation
  • Connection with the
    MyBuildings portal
  • Complete control of the
    safe&smart system


Innovative and
safe – 90 years
of ABB Kaufel!
From the battery
to complex
emergency lighting
and safety power
supply systems.

Electricity can fail at any time, for example due to storms, thunderstorms, fire or network overload. In the event of an emergency, emergency lighting is activated to ensure that the building can be safely evacuated and that rescue forces can be deployed.

DALI emergency lighting

ABBʼs DALI emergency lighting provides a safe and reliable self-contained battery solution that meets the requirements of intelligent emergency lighting in buildings. The tests run automatically to ensure emergency lighting. Test reports can be downloaded for verification. ABBʼs DALI is designed to work with all DALI-compatible devices bearing the DALI logo.

DALI control system

Automatic monitoring via a central control system ensures you are always kept informed of the status of your emergency lighting system.

Primora 81/82 DALI

Metal exit sign luminaire with frameless pictogram lens and interchangeable pictograms.

  • Optimal interface, touchscreen
    for control, testing and monitoring
  • Universal for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Through-wiring and 2.5 mm2
    terminal cross-section


Ovano is available both as an exit sign and escape route luminaires. It is ideal for illuminating escape routes thanks to its compact construction.

  • Optimal interface, touchscreen
    for control, testing and monitoring
  • Plug and play, maintained mode
    and standby mode in one
  • Cost-effective full LED series

Serenga 73X/75X/76 DALI

Discreet, small LED downlights in a wide variety of designs, optimised for illuminating corridors, large square surfaces and object lighting.

  • Optimal interface, touchscreen
    for control, testing and monitoring
  • For ceilings and walls with
    extremely flat cavities
  • Very flat housing

Emergency lighting for
extreme conditions

Indulux 93 LED

Robust in the factory, elegant in the office – Indulux is an easy-to-install and robust LED luminaire that is suitable as both exit sign and escape route luminaire. It consists of dust- and waterproof stainless steel tube lumines­cent lamps and is therefore reliable even under the most extreme conditions.

  • Flexible installation and wiring
  • Robust dust- and waterproof
    stainless-steel solution
  • Fast maintenance thanks to
    plug-in module


The LED emergency lighting solution for potentially explosive or gaseous atmospheres is used, for example, in food and beverage production, the oil and gas industry, as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • For EX-protected areas in which
    emergency lighting is also required
  • Universally suitable for all EX
    zones 1, 2, 21 and 22
  • Integration in the viaFlex central
    battery system

Protection for
trade and industry


Escape routes can be reliably marked and illuminated thanks to the PrimEvo series of LED escape route and exit sign self-contained luminaires. It is suitable for both maintained mode and standby mode and also comes with an automatic self-test function.

  • Comprehensive functionality
    and mounting options
  • Up to 32 per cent faster

Secure cable

They fasten, lock, connect and secure – cable management solutions make cabling for industrial and technical applications, as well as electrical installations of any kind, easier and, above all, safer. There are suitable designs for every application. Cable ties are also available in different colours for quick optical differentiation.

detectable cable ties

Detectable Ty-Rap® cable ties now have an increased metal content. The metal detectors improve traceability and increase food preparation safety.

  • The material compound can be
    detected by X-ray equipment and
    metal detectors
  • Available in a range of colours
    (blue, grey, brown) for different

Safety for areas
susceptible to

A definite benefit
for hospitals, the
pharmaceutical industry
and the food industry:
cable ties.

Ty-Fast® Ag+®
cable ties

The first antimicrobial cable ties to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and mould on their surface.

  • Protects against microbial growth
  • Reduces bacteria by 99.9 per cent
  • Made from FDA-approved nylon resin

Connectors for

Switched interlocked socket
outlets, xxxMVSxWH, IP69

The IP69 waterproof plug-in connectors are particularly suitable for the food and beverage industry. They meet the highest safety and durability requirements.

  • Resistant to high pressure and high
    tem­perature, water and chemical cleaners
  • Robust construction and strong walls

Highest security in
the KNX IP network

IP-Router Secure, KNX

ABB protects your KNX installation and makes it safe. The new ABB i-bus® KNX IP Router supports the KNX Secure Standard and offers the highest security that is available on the building automation market.

  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Simple integration and safe operation
  • Protects against unauthorised access


Buildings need holistic and sustainable solutions to meet cost and energy efficiency targets.

Efficient climate
control in one


ClimaECO is the holistic heating, venti­lation and air-conditioning (HVAC) automation solution for commercial buildings based on the proven ABB i-bus® KNX system. A solution that seamlessly integrates room automation and central HVAC functions into one system – a significant step towards increasing energy efficiency and reducing oper­ational costs. ClimaECO – making your building more economic, sustainable and comfortable.

  • Highest energy efficiency thanks to a holistic HVAC automation solution. Achievement of energy efficiency class A according to EN 15232 with up to 30 per cent energy savings
  • Secure Investment, based on worldwide open standards
  • Simplifying the design and realisation of HVAC automation systems

HVAC automation from the room level to the management level


a standardized

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning technology is made up of various systems that have up to now not been integrated into a single system.

With the proven ABB i-bus® KNX system it is possible to automate all HVAC applications and combine them into a single solution.


ClimaECO –
a holistic

Combining the three different levels of HVAC Automation, ranging from management level to Central HVAC systems (generation and distribution) to room automation (energy consumption).

ClimaECO bundles all functions and solutions for HVAC automation into a single integrated system. This saves you time and effort with planning, integration and maintenance, while significantly increasing energy efficiency in buildings.

HVAC room automation

Room automation solutions control fan coil units, radiators, floor heating and cooling ceiling applications.

Valve Drive Controllers, VC/S

The Valve Drive Controller is suitable for controlling cooling surfaces, floor heating or radiators. An analog room control unit can be connected to each channel to adjust the setpoint temperature.

  • With integrated room-temperature controller
  • Integrated inputs for connecting room sensors

Fan Coil Controllers, FCC/S

Fan Coil Controllers control fan coil units to regulate the room temperature. An analog room control unit can be connected directly to the device to adjust the setpoint temperature and fan speed.

  • With integrated room-
    temperature controller
  • Supports continuous fans
    (0–10 V) and 6-way valves

Split Unit Gateway, SUG/U

The Split Unit Gateway forms the interface between the KNX system and air-conditioning split units from a wide range of manufacturers.

  • “Silent mode” reduces noise
  • Boost option for maximum
    climate control
  • Horizontal and vertical slat swing
  • Selection of the split unit model
    via a free ETS appüber eine kostenlose ETS App

ClimaECO Room Controller

ABB has optimised its range of KNX room control units for commercial buildings. The result: easy-to-use room thermostats.

  • Available with integrated room
    temperature controller and
    CO2/humidity sensor
  • Can be flush or surface mounted
  • Control of all room functions from
    HVAC to shading and lighting

Central HVAC automation

Pre-configured standard KNX solutions control HVAC components for water-based heating, ventilation and cooling.

Boiler/Chiller Interface, BCI/S

The Boiler/Chiller Interface enables the control and monitoring of chiller units and boilers and serves as an interface to the KNX system.

  • Setpoint adjustment via standard
    analog signals (0–10 V)
  • Control and monitoring of the
    heating/cooling circuit pump

Heating/Cooling Circuit
Controllers, HCC/S

The Heating/Cooling Circuit Controller regulates the flow of temperature to match heating and cooling requirements.

  • Control of 3-way mixing valves via
    0–10 V or 3-point control
  • Support of systems with single or
    double pumps
  • Inputs for various temperature sensor
    types for measuring the flow and
    return- flow temperature

Building Automation Controller, BAC/S, KNX

Advanced freely programmable KNX Building Automation Controller.

  • Standardised IEC 61131-3 programming
    based on the established
    Codesys software
  • Fully integrated in KNX and ETS
  • Modular extension of in-/outputs

HVAC management
and automation

Links all system parts to a holistic solution to reach the costs and energy efficiency objectives.

Application Controllers, AC/S

Run predefined automation modules for a holistic HVAC automation solution from central HVAC to room. For example heat demand calculation, schedules and trends logs.

  • Own automation modules can
    be created
  • BACnet variant connect KNX
    to BACnet systems

Reliable supply for
sensitive locations

Network failures can lead to particularly critical situations at sensitive locations such as hospitals or data centres. If faults should occur in the grid, automatic changeover switches guarantee an uninterrupted power supply.


TruONETM ATS is the worldʼs first automatic switch to seamlessly combine switches and controls into one unit. To protect individuals and ensure conti­­­­­­n­uity of operation, TruONETM ensures that the fully automated emergency power supply can be guaranteed at all times.


Security and protection

Fully automated operation reduces the risk of injury. The switch can also be operated manually under load in any situation.


Simple installation

Installation time is reduced by 80 per cent thanks to ready-made configuration files and the integrated control unit.


Energy Efficiency

Cloud-based networking via the ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) enables the moni­toring and control of the energy flow.


Continuous operation

The switch supports self-diagnosis of problems and reduces both downtime and maintenance costs.

Managing critical
situations confidently

Crisis scenarios are
avoided thanks to an
uninterrupted supply
of power.

Protect sensitive
networks and

Network and plant protection solutions are developed specifically for power generation plants. They detect both over- and undervoltage as well as changes in the network frequency. They are used, for instance, in larger photovoltaic and wind power plants.

Grid feeding monitoring
relay with modbus

The CM-UFD.M31M mains-supply monitoring relay monitors voltage and frequency in single- and three-phase networks. The integrated Modbus RTU interface enables integration into existing control or management systems.

  • NA protection according to
    VDE AR-N 4105 and BDEW guidelines
  • One-fault protection with monitoring of
    the connected coupling switches
  • Setting of the trigger value relative to
    the rated voltage
  • Plain text display via LCD or trans­mission
    to external display devices

Installation contactors

Installation contactors are used for switching and controlling light, heating, ventilation and pumps and are also used as dome switches in smaller emergency power supply systems. They are compatible with ABBʼs modular DIN rail components and can be integrated into dedicated control panels.

  • Quiet, hum-free switching
  • Powerful when switching on lighting
  • Standardised accessories with
    tool-free installation
  • Efficient logistics thanks to single
    and multi packaging

Optimal solutions
to protect your
system against
surges and
power failures.

Reliable and

Starting drives and
controlling systems

Ensuring everything
runs as desired,
from the drive to
the control of
complex installations.


ABB offers a wide range of perfectly matched solutions designed for optimum motor starting and control of complex industrial installations. These solutions are compact in design and particularly quick and easy to install and wire.


SMISSLINE TP Power Bar is a powerful 250 A ­system for applications with high-current devices.

  • Device can be changed under voltage
  • High modularity of devices
  • 50 per cent time saving at installation and upgrade

Automation boards IS2

IS2 cabinets are suitable for use in electrical automation, control and operation. They provide a series of control cabinets for the control of complex industrial plants.

  • Its modular design allows individual
    configuration for each application
  • Also available as PC control box,
    19-inch rack case and slide-in cabinets

Push-in spring motor starters

With their innovative 2-in-1 design, the motor starters offer all the advantages of push-in and spring connection technology in a single connection for the first time.

  • Quick and intuitive wiring due to
    simple tool-free insertion
  • Maintenance-free and vibration-
    resistant connection that eliminates
    the need for adjustment

made easy with
presence detectors

The new Busch-Presence detectors reliably identify people in the vicinity. They also detect even very small movements, especially in offices and meeting rooms. They efficiently and reliably control lighting, heating and air-conditioning systems, as well as smaller systems, thus comfortably optimising the energy consumption of the building. Energy is only consumed when it is really needed, for example, for lighting or air-conditioning. In addition, you can also control the presence detectors manually, for example, by remote control via IR service transmitter or smartphone app (Bluetooth).

  • New attractive design with low
    ceiling height
  • For ceiling mounting via spring brackets
  • High detection density
  • Switching/control outputs are available
    as relays, e-contacts and DALI interfaces
    (broadcast communication) with additional
    relay output

Cover frames and
lenses are available
in a range of colours.

Product overview
Busch-Presence detectors

Compact, 8 m
Universal, 12 m
(IR, BT, IP41)

e-Contact (3–200 X)

Compact, 8 m
Universal, 12 m (IR, BT)
Corridor (IR, BET)

Relais (max. 2300W,
800 A at 200 μs)

Universal, 12 m (BT)
Corridor (BT)

(Broadcast for
45 devices)

Compact Slave, 8 m
Universal Slave, 12 m
Corridor Slave, 30 x 3 m
Universal DALI Slave, 12 m
Corridor DALI Slave, 30 x 3 m

ABB Watchdog
Remote control

Busch-Presence detectors with integrated Bluetooth interface can be easily configured and controlled via an app for smartphone or tablet.

  • Switching on and dimming
    of the presence detector
  • Set sensor sensitivity
  • Special functions such as basic
    lighting, night light and presence

ABB Watchdog
Remote control

More efficient planning
and construction with ABB

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent planning process based on a 3D building model that enables all parties involved to work on a project simultaneously. It helps establish at an early stage whether plans regarding construction, time, materials and costs are realistic and can be implemented efficiently. ABB supports BIM by providing tools and information for virtual planning.

  • You will find the BIM objects together
    with product documentation in our
    download centre
  • Multiple formats in a single file
  • Objects are available in our own

Dimensions, weight and related information

2D and 3D geometry description

Links to further online resources

Catalogue data

Konfigurator als
Bestandteil von BIM

BIM includes
a switch range

BIM configurator for switch ranges

The BIM configurator app allows you to easily integrate ABBʼs range of switches into existing BIM objects. You can configure and manage all switches for a project with the BIM software Revit and it is also possible to generate actual quantities and order lists.

  • Simple configuration of complete
    switch programs
  • Product data is always up to date
  • Exact representation of the switches
    in the floor plan

The configurator is available for download at:
Bereits online

Control leads to
greater efficiency

Being able to view and
monitor all data and
functionality from a
central point increases
efficiency and provides
you with an overview of
energy consumption
whenever you need it.

The collection and monitoring of energy and consumption data is the key to increasing energy efficiency. A solution that saves, analyses and makes transparent the consumption of light, heating and air-conditioning control as well as the energy management of a building from a central point. This ensures intelligent energy consumption and efficient operational processes.


Identify power guzzlers and sustainably save energy costs. ABBʼs EQMatic Energy Analyzers read, store and analyse energy consumption data from elec­tricity, gas, water and heat meters via M-Bus or Modbus. Access is provided via an intuitive web-based interface that can be individually configured. Particularly practical: The system can be easily enhanced at any time if required.

Energy Analyzer M-Bus

ABB EQMatic Energy Analyzer

A compact solution for the monitoring, storage, visualisation and analysis of energy and consumption data via M-Bus or Modbus. Up to 16 or 64 meters can be analysed.

  • Cost and energy saving
  • Integration into higher-level systems
  • Independence from energy service
  • Data security and authority in
    the company

The configurable dashboard can be used, for example, to improve the energy efficiency of a building through periodic comparisons.

Protection for your
electrical system

As market leader and innovation driver, ABB is driving forward the future-proof energy supply of machines, buildings and plants. The range of coordinated devices and solutions for circuit, personal, surge and fire protection, as well as for energy management systems, covers the entire spectrum.

Comprehensive safety solutions
for electrical installations:

  • Miniature circuit breaker
    (Automatic circuit breaker)
  • Residual current-operated devices
  • Arc fault detection devices
  • Surge detection devices

Type 1 and Type 1 + 2
surge protective devices

The leak-free combination surge arresters for the 40 mm busbar system enable pre-counter operation.

  • Protective effect T1 + T2 + T3
  • Fast tool-free assembly
  • Pre-counter surge protection

A safe electrical
installation ensures
the reliable protection
of buildings and people.

Arc fault detection
device AFDD with
MCB S-ARC1 M 10 kA

AFDD with MCB protects reliably against arc faults.

  • Rated breaking capacity 10 kA for
    all applications
  • For Insulation test (S-ARC1 off) up to
    600 V, disconnection of cables is not
  • Any supply from above or below
  • Maximum safety – easy installation

Arc fault detection
device AFDD with
MCB S-ARC1 M 10 kA

AFDD with MCB protects reliably against arc faults.

  • Rated breaking capacity 10 kA for
    all applications
  • For Insulation test (S-ARC1 off) up to
    600 V, disconnection of cables is not
  • Any supply from above or below
  • Maximum safety – easy installation


Maximum functionality and a personal atmosphere: with intelligent control elements for buildings that are as individual as their inhabitants.

The individual touch


ABB-tacteo® KNX

The ABB-tacteo® KNX glass sensor is a capacitive control element for the intelligent building automation of hotels, offices, public and residential buildings. It meets all the requirements that a modern design demands – the highest levels of quality and above all comfort. From blinds, lighting and heating to media and access control, everything is easy to control. With the ABB-tacteo® configurator the sensors can be designed individually.

  • Capacitive glass sensor
  • Individually configurable
    as desired with pic­­tograms
    and text
  • Extremely flat design
  • Special hotel applications
    with and without access
    control available

The ABB-tacteo® KNX
glass sensor is suitable
especially for hotels
and individual living
spaces with high
standards of design.

First-class quality
combined with modern
design, it blends
harmoniously into any
living environment.

and design


Intuitive operation

The capacitive KNX glass sensors react without any touch or contact. When your hand moves towards the sensor, the status lighting switches on automatically. On the other hand, touching the sensor with the entire palm of your hand triggers a pre-programmed function – such as switching on the light. Easy operation is also ensured by the tried-and-tested colour control concept.

ABB-tacteo® configurator

Design your individual KNX sensor with the ABB-tacteo® configurator, completely as you like. You determine the design and functions, define icons and texts and also select the colours of the housing.


As unique as you are.
ABB-tacteo® KNX
meets all your


Configure your individual KNX sensor online with the ABB-tacteo® configurator.


Save your own sensor and get your unique design ID.


Add the sensor to the parts list. The list can be downloaded as an Excel sheet or PDF file.


The parts list can be printed immediately or sent directly to your wholesaler.

Your digital


Scannen und herunterladen.
ABB Connect für iOS, Android oder Windows 10.

ABB Connect app

ABB Connect visualises the ABB low and medium voltage portfolio in a simple and effective way. The app is aimed at customers and ABB sales representatives and helps them browse various industries, solutions and product families and download all relevant documentation for their purposes. In addition, products and documents can be compiled and saved in personalised folders, ready for customer visits.

  • Find the latest products, services
    and technical details in one place
  • Create your own digital workspace
  • Available for use on iOS, Android
    and Windows 10

One website –
many solutions

Building automation online portal

This portal offers you a great opportunity to find out more about the ABB i-bus® KNX, ABB free@home®, door entry system and intrusion alarm systems portfolio. The page covers all information related to products and systems to support you in your everyday work, e.g. documentation, software, support tools, etc.

  • One portal for all home and building automation products
  • All information and documentation in one place
  • New services and support tools to simplify your daily work


Shaping the future of the digital world today requires fully automated solutions that can
be networked with all other intelligent devices.

Powerful digital
solutions in a
single portfolio


MyBuildings Portal powered
by ABB AbilityTM

Controlling and planning smart buildings is now easier than ever: ABB bundles its digital services for Smarter Home and Building in the MyBuildings portal (formerly under the ABB Ability umbrella. The online portal gives you access to many of ABBʼs tools and services that you can use for your individual needs. You have the option to configure KNX systems, fire alarm technology, door entry system or ABB-tacteo® KNX as well as to extend system functionality with remote access or Amazon Alexa voice control. You can also connect your smart system to a mobile device.

Plan, configure and modify as desired with the MyBuildings portal powered by ABB AbilityTM

Planning und configuration

ABB-Welcome configurator
ABB-Terminal configurator
ABB-tacteo® configurator
Excellence portal


Busch ControlTouch®
Remote access
Amazon Alexa voice control


Remote access
Amazon Alexa voice control


A central contact point for Smarter Building services.


Global availability of ABB services.


24/7 monitoring for best worldwide availability.


Regular cyber security: audits and tests by independent third parties.

ABB Ability Electrical
Distribution Control System

Reduce operating costs and mainten­ance times – the cloud-based ABB Ability Electrical Distribution Control System (EDCS) platform makes it possible. Its modern cloud architecture monitors and optimises the operational processes of residential and office buildings, industrial facilities, hotels, shopping centres and schools. Thanks to the cloud developed in conjunction with Microsoft, system data is available everywhere and at any time via smartphone, tablet and PC.

  • Performance optimisation
    of electrical systems
  • Intuitive online interface
    for monitoring costs and
    energy efficiency
  • Remote access to all data

ABB Ability EDCS connects power systems to the cloud and monitors the energy flow of lighting, solar panels, air-conditioning and much more

Thinking ahead and planning the city of tomorrow. Three ABB experts talk about how smart technologies are going to change our lives.

Mike Mustapha
Group Senior Vice President Marketing, Sales and Commercial Operations of Electrification Products division

With the growth of digitalisation, demand for smart solutions has never been stronger. From the latest in entertainment control, to energy metering, temperature control, security and lighting, ABB has developed a range of solutions that respond to changes in our connected world. However, for a home to be truly smart, all of its appliances and systems, from the washing machine to heating and blinds, need to be capable of exchanging data simply and securely, not only with each other, but with all kinds of smart devices, which offer new assistance and security services for the home.

Michael Lotfy
Global Commercial Manager, ABB Building Automation

The blinds open their splats, the coffee machine starts up and your favourite music is already playing in the bathroom. The security system will be activated as soon as you leave the house. This is how the smart buildings of today and the future work. Highly networked and controlled to suit individual requirements. They increase comfort, security and energy efficiency.

Frank Mühlon
Managing Director, ABB EV Charging Infrastructure

Electromobility is a megatrend that will significantly shape our lives in the future. There is a demand for emission-­free cars that are partially or even fully automated and networked, as well as for sustainable and low-noise transport solutions for public transport. By 2025, we expect that 25 per cent of vehicles worldwide will already be electric. ABB supports electromobility and the expansion of nationwide charging infrastructures with cloud-connected, fast-charging systems for cars and buses.